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    Information Regarding City of Gilroy Water Payments

    Due to the closure of City Hall, in compliance with the current shelter in place order, we are not able to receive water payments via cash, check, or in-person, and some attempts to pay online have been reported as unsuccessful by customers.
    Due to these conditions, the City wishes for water customers to know that:
    • Late penalties will not be applied to bills that become due during the closure of City Hall;
    • Water service will not be terminated for non-payment;
    • Water services may be restarted if previously terminated for non-payment;
    • New water service will begin when requested without the need of an application being approved before;
    • Once the shelter in place order is lifted and City Hall is opened to the public, utility billing staff will be working with customers on payment plans for any amounts owed during this closure.
    For questions regarding your water service or payments, or to request new water service please contact our staff at (408) 846-0420, or via e-mail at
    For additional information regarding current City services, please visit
    Be safe!
    Rachelle Bedell
    City of Gilroy
    Communication and Engagement Manager

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