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    Lime Bike Approved for 6 months in Gilroy!

    Getting around Gilroy may be a little easier in the near future, thanks to a new bike-sharing program that is expected to hit the streets this month.

    The Gilroy City Council last week unanimously approved a six-month pilot program with LimeBike, a San Mateo-based company that specializes in offering affordable bike share programs without the need to install infrastructure. Users can pick up and drop off bikes across town without having to worry about returning them to a docking station.

    “This is a new, innovative type of program that is being launched in a number of cities in the Bay Area,” City Administrator Gabriel Gonzalez said at the Feb. 26 council meeting. “It is a six-month pilot program that we want to test how it does here in Gilroy in terms of the market.”

    Users can walk up to a bike they want to ride and unlock it via the LimeBike mobile app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. After unlocking the bike, a user would ride the bike to their destination, re-lock the bike, and leave it at the destination.

    The app requires email and credit card verification prior to use. Anti-theft devices include the weight of the bike (around 48 pounds), an alarm, and GPS tracking.
    The first ride is free and goes up to $1 dollar every 30 minutes and 50 cents for students.

    “This is a movement continuing in Gilroy right now with a lot of young minds and leaders, city staff, and stakeholders further progressing and ultimately marketing Gilroy as not only a bike-friendly town, but also an innovative town,” Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission Chairman Zachary Hilton said. The commission recommended the six-month pilot program to the city council.

    Article courtesy of Gilroy Dispatch. For Full article please CLICK HERE

    More information can be found on WEBSITE LIME BIKE’S FB



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