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    Aromas Real Estate

    Aromas is a unique place to call home. Acquainted in the country side, Aromas straddles the border of Monterey and San Benito Counties. Even more unique, less than one mile to the northeast is Santa Cruz County, and Santa Clara County is just about 2 miles to the north. This makes Aromas one of four places to live in all of California that are divided by one or more counties.

    This tiny town is originally known as “Sand Cut” because of the tunnel built by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1870. In 1918, the community changed its name to Aromas. It is also home to the Granite Rock Quarry, Aromas Bar & Grill, and the historic local market, Marshall’s.

    Aromas is a very tight knit community with numerous events throughout the year in which the entire town participates. One to mention is their annual Aromas Day. It’s a day filled with live music, wonderful food, and unique finds at vendor booths.

    If you are looking for a secluded quiet place to call home, Aromas is it.

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